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Customer Service

Stentech is proud of its superior customer service and quality assurance. Each customer is treated with individual attention, ensuring the customer's needs and expectations are 100% satisfied.

Stentech's customer service staff is in constant contact with our customers to ensure that all aspects of the ordering and manufacturing process are maintained to the highest standards and customer satisfaction.

Stentech is committed to delivering quality products on-time, every time. Our quality control department (ISO 9002) inspects every product before it is shipped to our customer. From the time we receive your file through to production and next-day delivery, Stentech provides worry-free service. You can count on us to deliver quality products as guaranteed. Our facility operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It's our commitment to you!

Stentech's capabilities are designed to meet both the current and long-term needs of our client. Stentech has become a single-source supplier to many customers. Given the opportunity, Stentech will meet and exceed all your expectations.

Stentech's mission is to establish ourselves as the most responsive and efficient customer service-oriented manufacturer in North America.

Our Customer Promise

We promise to:
  • Do everything possible to serve our customers and meet their individual needs.
  • Provide prompt, reliable, and cost-effective service.
  • Deliver top-quality products.
  • Treat each customer with professional courtesy and consideration.
  • Honor the value of your business as our most valuable asset.
  • Have customer-friendly staff.
  • Guarantee delivery.
  • Retain experienced engineering support.
  • Offer competitive pricing.
  • Stay at the forefront of technology.
  • Offer a wide range of products.
  • Maintain multiple locations.
Rob Tyrrell Customer Service Rep 2 Customer Service Rep 4
Markham, Ontario, Canada
Tel: 905-472-7773
St-Laurent, Quebec, Canada
Tel: 514-338-8778
Austin, TX, USA
Tel: 512-453-5660
Derry, NH, USA
Tel: 603-505-4470
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Tel: 905-629-8278
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Tel: 778-328-8418
Chicago, IL, USA
Tel: 630-833-4747
Houston, TX, USA
Tel: 713-952-5400
Atlanta, GA, USA
Tel: 770-475-4576
Dallas, TX, USA
Tel: 972-231-4840
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