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Stencil Rolls

Stentech has its very own high quality stencil rolls, designed for use in SMT (Surface Mount Technology) and screen printing lines. These rolls are designed to keep stencil apertures clear of paste residues during the automatic screen printing process. The stencil rolls are used without any chemical adhesive to clean stencils of paste and flux between prints. This is critical in applications that include small component devices with fine lead pitch. With lower particle generation, with strong liquid absorption ability; these stencil rolls will provide with less down time and longer running time for your stencils. The rolls are designed to keep stencils free from defects and scratches.

Stencil Wipes

Stentech also offers a high quality stencil dry wipe. This wipe is PGI lint free material. Stentech has them packaged in sets of 300, and dimensions of 9 x 9 ready to ship. No matter what your cleaning or wiping requirements may be, Stentech has the wipe to satisfy that need.

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