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Step Stencils

Stentech has the technical ability to manufacture step stencils in both single process and dual process. Today's complex PCBs with the various components require different solder paste volumes. Stentech has the technical expertise to optimize the stencil. By using various foil thicknesses on the same stencil, this allows the ability to control solder paste deposit in fine pitch areas while printing sufficient solder on coarse pitch areas.

Single Process
By using Photo Chemical matching (PCM), this allows different areas to be etched to lower the thickness of the foil, which in turn decreases the paste deposit in these same areas.

Stencil Process Dual Process
The above solution (image above) can be engineered by a combination of PCM and laser cutting. First, the foil is chemically etched in the areas requiring less paste (for fine pitch components). Then the foil is placed into the laser machine to cut the apertures, offering greater accuracy and more precise apertures.

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