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Laser Cut Stencils

Solder Paste Printing Stencils

The industry standard to manufacture solder paste stencils is to use Yag lasers with the capability to cut to a tolerance of +/- .0002". Stentech, with 12 Yag lasers across North America, can provide you the quality and the "Just in Time" delivery that the industry demands.

Stentech has more than 35 CAD designers, with experience and expertise, across North America to support you in designing your stencils. To help in your processes, we offer at no additional cost:

  • Standard IPC stencil design.
  • Homeplates, Pac-Man, U-Shapes, and Epoxy are just a few of the shapes and designs we can manufacture for your stencils.

    Lead Free Paste
    To ensure no contamination,
    Stentech introduced a Green Frame
    to clearly identify to the operator
    that it is for Lead Free paste only.

    Stentech has been working closely with many customers to create a custom profile to help in the printing process using Lead Free Paste. Stentech, along with major contract manufacturers from the New England area, have formed a consortium to research and publish the effect of the design of the pads and the relation to the paste deposits. The results will be released and available to all our customers in the near future.

    Stentech is a world-class leader in providing high quality solder paste printing stencils. Solder paste printing stencils provide the user of Surface Mount Technology (SMT) the ability to print controlled volumes of solder paste in registration with PCB pads.

    Stencil printing of solder paste is the initial step in the SMT assembly process, utilizing traditional printing with a state-of-the-art manufacturing process. Similarly at Stentech, we integrate our extensive knowledge of printing with state-of-the-art manufacturing process to provide our customers with stencils that perform.

    Solder paste stencils are manufactured using various types of materials. A variety of stencil manufacturing choices are available, from chemically-etched brass or steel, to laser-cut and electroforms. Each type of stencil offers opportunities to facilitate the particular needs of each customer's SMT requirements.

    Stentech Laser Cut Stencil Specifications:

    • Pitch limit: sub 4 mil (100µm) aperture; 2 mil (50µm) gap.
    • Stencil thickness: 2 mil (50µm) - 20 mil (500µm).
    • Cutting accuracy: +/- 5µm over entire print area.
    • Input data: Gerber, HPGL, DXF, DWG, ODB++
      (Stentech can also scan direct from a PCB).
    • 100% inspection, post-manufacture.
    • Cut from finest quality stainless steel for uniformity and accuracy.
    • 24-hour turnaround in most cases.

  • Stencil 235 Stencil 05

    Our Client's Say...

    "We at Creation appreciate your patience with us as well, you know how the industry is, things can change in an instant. So we do appreciate Stentech and all your services/excellent pricing. Trust me, Stentech is the 1st one we use for any project that needs to be fabricated. I am always amazed at what Ken Tsang in Markham produces and delivers to us."
    - Kevin Eng, B.Tech, Creation Tech.Inc.

    I was impressed with the quick turnaround and how smoothly Stentech can adjust their schedule to fulfill our RUSH orders. Add to this the world class quality of their stencils and you will find your ideal partner.
    - Ioan Tempea P.Eng., Positron Technologies Inc.
    Markham, Ontario, Canada
    Tel: 905-472-7773
    St-Laurent, Quebec, Canada
    Tel: 514-338-8778
    Austin, TX, USA
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    Tel: 603-505-4470
    Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
    Tel: 905-629-8278
    Vancouver, BC, Canada
    Tel: 778-328-8418
    Chicago, IL, USA
    Tel: 630-833-4747
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